1.     Who can sell on UTHMART.COM?

UTHMART is a Business-to-Consumer shopping platform. If you are a manufacturer, a brand owner, a retailer/reseller, a franchise holder, a distributor, a professional artist/artisan or a trader, you can sell on UTHMART. To be a part of the UTHMART Merchant Community, you also need to offer excellent customer support services.

2.     How can I register as a Merchant on UTHMART?

Please on sale@uthmart.com and share your details. Please note that only after our verification process is complete, you can start selling through your online store at UTHMART.COM.

3.     What do I need to start selling online?

Once you’ve registered as a merchant on UTHMART, you need to share your products details with pictures and product descriptions. Setting up an online store gives you a platform to sell your products, but you need to update us about stock regularly to bring buyers’ attention.


      4.Where can I learn about the policies of UTHMART?

Please refer to the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Policies & Rules’ under the Merchant Central on website homepage. We strongly encourage you to read all the terms and policies of UTHMART to help develop a trusted and safe marketplace.

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